Elisabetta Venturini - Life & Business Certified Coach
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The Rooting and the Impermanence. As the well rooted Cherry tree every year leaves its flowers to the wind, so are we… between Earth and Sky.

Elisabetta Venturini. Intuitive, coherent and sensitive to other people‘s wellness. I am making my passion my life and my job.


I have more than 20 years of experience in food QA and 10 years’ worth in personal development and emotional freedom.


Coach, Food Technologist, traveller, passionate entronaut of subtle energies, I chose to align with my deepest values and to live my vision: Sakura and the Wind.

As a Coach and NLP Practitioner I studied at a well-known International School -Allenati per l’Eccellenza, The Institute for Coaching & NLP – accomplishing ICF and INLPTA international certifications.


EFT Tapping Trainer – Emotional Freedom Techniques.


Reiki Usui II attunement, master in Tibetan Bowls sound healing practice, Moon Mother I attunement.


With coaching tools, we start a deep exploration of your world, the inner representations of your core values and of your peculiar language searching for your hidden resources in your forgotten garden so you may harmonize and nourish your relationship with yourself and others, improve your performance in every part of your life, work and sport.

The coaching relationship is based on trust, respect and non-judgment, it is an equal professional based relationship. The Coach is neither advisor nor a therapist.


Tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques
It is a powerful tool when you feel ‘overwhelmed’ with your emotions, when preparing for an exam, an interview, a sport performance, before an important meeting and presentation.


Sacred Tibetan Bowls and Reiki
During the session the various Bowls -mine are tuned on the FA note, the Heart note- are positioned on your body starting from the root or secret chakra -as the Tibetan calls it- and raising the frequencies by going up to your crown chakra. 


I am leader auditor, expert in SOP and food labelling, complaints management and compliance, recall and withdrawn.

With an aptitude to an overall view linked to a strong attention to details, to accuracy and customer oriented communication I became a reference and connection function. 

My natural bias for cooperation, opportunities and sharing are an advantage in creating strong partnerships with professionals and organizations.