ABOUT | Elisabetta Venturini - Life & Business Certified Coach
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My healing and personal transformation journey began several years ago and is still active in me every single day.


I know life can sometimes seem hard and there will be lessons to be understood, limiting convictions to let go of, to be reframed. Digging deeper is also releasing the needed resources to overcome doubts and gain the necessary clarity and live my vision: LIVING SAKURA E IL VENTO to help you to take back your responsibility, your freedom of choosing what’s the best for you, to live your full flourishing potential.


I strongly believe that ‘Life happens FOR you, not AT you’ and I will walk with you in your journey of self-exploration. I will support you in clearing and achieving your specific goals, improving your self-esteem and the awareness of your resources and nourishing your unique talents and strengths.

I work in presence and online as well, helping you to get back the freedom to choose and to express your true voice.


Together we induce solidity, presence and rooting in your inner world through coaching and energy practices so you may live your own true nature with lightness, freedom and connection. We co-create a strong allegiance that flourishes in a trustful relation, which does not create addiction, but instead freedom and cooperation: these are my lighthouses. Relaxation, emotional release, motivation, comprehension, acceptance, and self-love are the amazing gifts that I already see blossoming in you like a beautiful garden.


Seeing these flourishing inner spaces, with reignited motivation, improvement of self-awareness bring a flavour and a taste I couldn’t describe, I am inviting you to try…



Living Sakura e il Vento
Rooted like Sakura, elevated like the Wind.



Generating solidity, presence and roots in the world through coaching and energy practices to live one’s nature with lightness, freedom and connection.


Born in Milan in 1975.


Studies and work
Linguistic High School, University Degree in Food Science and Technology and Licence to practice as a Food Technologist.


During university I lived in the USA for a few months to help improve my English. During my time there I worked at  a YMCA Day Camp in California after which I explored the country with some of my colleagues.


After graduation I worked in Quality Assurance (QA) at an important mass market retailer and then in R&D division  of a pharmaceutical company.


Since 2005 I have been employed at a notable Italian pharmaceutical and health care Company managing QA and QC for coeliacs -gluten-free- and other particular nutritional needs food.


I am passionate about my job and pay complete attention its quality: facility audits and certification, labelling and analytical control, complaints and withdrawal/recall management and relations with authorities.


With an aptitude to an overall view combined with a strong attention to detail, accuracy and  customer-oriented communication I became the referred to and go to person for most things. 


My natural bias for cooperation, opportunities and sharing serve as an advantage in creating strong partnerships with professionals and organizations.


Since 2019 EFT Tapping trainer and ICF Life&Business Coach, since 2020 INLPTA NLP Practitioner and actively helping people since 2012.


The beginning: Karate and Tai Chi Chuan
For 15 years, since my adolescence I practiced agonistic Karate. This external martial art strengthened my discipline and resilience: when the body is exhausted, focus, will and intention intervene and big results are fulfilled.


I discovered that Samurai values are perfectly aligned with mine: honesty, allegiance, courage, pureness and grace.


Big dreams, huge empathy, compassion, energetic sensitivity and the need to find balance guided me since 2007 to an inner exploration and personal growth path. I descended to my darkest corners and climbed my highest mountains. 

This journey has continued and I slowly re-discovered my childhood intuition: the deep connection between all beings in all evolutionary stages (mineral, vegetal, animal, human) and my immeasurable joy in helping other people.


My healing journey coincides with the beginning of Tai Chi Chuan practice and the consciousness that everything around us is energy, that we are made of a vibrating empty space.


The scientific educational background compels me to try and retry, to study and to discuss with my Master and try again.



Energy Healing: Reiki, Tibetan Bowls, EFT Tapping

My energetic sensitivity brought me to Reiki Usui and after 2 years of deep work I was gifted with the second attunement.


In 2014 I searched for a natural technique to ease migraine attacks which I have ailed me since childhood . I was willing to cease the use of painkillers and I sensed the urge to take care of the emotions and limiting beliefs which were emerging during my personal exploration.


I was breathless and several times I asked myself with an inner scream: “who made you do it? You could have happily lived in your golden cage!”
Today the answer is clear to me.


I found ‘by chance’ EFT Tapping – Emotional Freedom Techniques and using it reduced frequency and intensity of the migraine attacks and negative emotions were at bay.


But still it was not enough, I needed a mirror and in 2015 I began my 2 years apprentice with an EFT Tapping master and I finally I became a Professional Operator.


Following that, I chose to find a connection between energetic healing and the physical part of our life with Tibetan Bowls, also to ease my extreme reactivity to loud noises and to find harmony and silence in Sound.
Concurrently, I was assistant in Spiritual Tapping courses and I was immersed in my transformation journey. I was and wasn’t ready at the same time to face the impact that this work had on my inner world and again I screamed “who made you do it?”