Food Technologist - Elisabetta Venturini - NLP Coach
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Food Technologist


This service is addressed to companies, artisans and start-ups operating in the Food chain.


With a 20 years’ worth experience in Quality Assurance and Control, products’ and processes’ compliance, managing complex projects I may offer a 360°C pack.


I am leader auditor, expert in SOP and food labelling, complaints management and compliance, recall and withdrawn.


With an aptitude to an overall view linked to a strong attention to details, to accuracy and customer oriented communication I became a reference and connection function.


My natural bias for cooperation, opportunities and sharing are an advantage in creating strong partnerships with professionals and organizations.


The use of Coaching and NLP tools in this field improves managers and employees motivation at all levels, generating allegiance, engagement and a strong commitment towards the fulfilment of the Company’s goals. These powerful tools integrates with the food specific language to generate solidity and targets’ achievements.


Business, Personal Growth
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