Sacred Tibetan Bowls and Reiki - Elisabetta Venturini
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Sacred Tibetan Bowls and Reiki


There are moments when you feel the need to abandon control and to be cuddled, to relax your Body, Mind and Spirit and to get regenerated.


The Sacred Tibetan Bowls Sound treatment associated with the universal Reiki energy is able to do all of this.


Silence is the beginning and the universe’s creator Sound enters our body, vibrates with our energetic system and helps harmonization and rebalance.


During the session the various Bowls -mine are tuned on the FA note, the Heart note- are positioned on your body starting from the root or secret chakra -as the Tibetan calls it- and raising the frequencies by going up to your crown chakra. 


The Body absorbs the vibration-sound and deeply relaxes, the Mind quiets, goes silent and the Spirit is able to whisper and to be heard. A profound regeneration, aura and energetic systemic cleansing is induced.



Healing Energies, Spirituality
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