EFT Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique - Elisabetta Venturini
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EFT Tapping
(Emotional Freedom Techniques)


Do you have uncontrolled emotions like anxiety and low self-esteem which are controlling your life?
You constantly ask yourself  “Why am I not able to express my emotions, speak my truth and I act as a pressure cooker and then explode?”
Do your fear spiders, snakes, flying or using the elevator?
Do you have physical issues that are limiting your life?
Maybe you have unresolved issues of the past and you are asking “Why am I reliving the same situation over and over again?”


Due to strong emotions, ‘traumas’ sometimes our sympathetic system goes on short circuit et voilà protective blocks are created in your body, mind and emotional field.

The good news is: there is a solution and is called EFT Tapping! This technique which might seem strange is self-helping, quick, with no side effects! The association of tapping on specific meridian points of Traditional Chinese Medicine plus verbalizations is highly effective and helps you to regain balance in your energetic system.

It is a powerful tool when you feel ‘overwhelmed’ with your emotions, when preparing for an exam, an interview, a sport performance, before an important meeting and presentation.

This is a tool that you can always bring with you and use every time you feel the need, even when you are feeling good.


Freedom is at hand, you just need your hands!



Healing Energies, Personal Growth
EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique