Coaching & PNL - Elisabetta Venturini - Certified NLP Coach
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Coaching & PNL


There are periods in life when confusion and the feeling of being lost reign in our place. Dissatisfaction is your daily mate, few or nothing make sense and you are feeling more and more blocked and overwhelmed.


What to do?
The first thing is to acknowledge what is going inside you – this is already a big step in your journey!


The second is to prepare your backpack, grab the map and chose a travel mate who is able to support you.


With coaching tools, we start a deep exploration of your world, the inner representations of your core values and of your peculiar language searching for your hidden resources in your forgotten garden so you may harmonize and nourish your relationship with yourself and others, improve your performance in every part of your life, work and sport.


We will use coaching to clearly define your goals and to achieve them, to increase your consciousness, reignite your motivation, to mindfully and freely choose within the complete expression of your potential. In this exploration we will use NLP tools to create and strengthen connections with your resources and to remove from your backpack some rocks, behaviour you no longer desire and which lost its functionality.


The coaching relationship is based on trust, respect and non-judgment, it is an equal professional based relationship. The Coach is neither advisor nor a therapist.



Business, Personal Growth
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